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Masonic Conspiracy, Lefebvre, and the Murder of John Paul I

Updated: Jan 8

Fr. Charles Murr is one of the last living witnesses to Vatican corruption who is both orthodox and courageous. We have many clerics out there – dare I opine “many”! – who are orthodox, but do not have the courage – or perhaps the opportunity? – to speak the truth come what may.
Today, we thank God for Fr. Charles Murr who continues to show that he has both, setting an example for all clerics everywhere.

In an interview with Kevin Symonds back in 2020, Fr. Murr confirmed himself as an independent witness to the Masonic membership of Annibale Bugnini, leading Rorate to conclude that “it is fair to say that there is no longer any reasonable doubt that the moving force in the Consilium was, indeed, a Freemason” (on Symonds’ evidence on this point, see also his review of Infiltration here).

Fr. Murr’s first book on this was The Godmother about that holy woman of God, secretary to Ven. Pius XII, the great Madre Pascalina. We have already promoted this text more than once to readers, especially in our discussion of the Third Pornocacy.

I cannot recommend this book enough to Trads because it truly cuts to the heart of the matter in a truly edifying book which is both hilarious and galvanizing at the same time.

In this new book, Fr. Murr has given a pious testament to the great man who stood against the Vatican corruption under Paul VI: the great French Canadian Cardinal, Édouard Cardinal Gagnon “Faithful Servant of Jesus Christ, Priest, Bishop, Loyal Son and Prince of the Church, Philosopher, Theologian, Lawyer, Teacher, Linguist, Mentor, Guide, Friend” (book dedication).

Perhaps, like Fr. Murr’s Madre Pascalina and the venerable Papa Pacelli, the good Cardinal is another not-yet-canonised saint.

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