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Memoirs of an Unwed Father

To appreciate the title of this work, MEMOIRS OF AN UNWED FATHER [his sixth book], the reader should know, right up front, that its author is a priest —a Catholic priest; a Catholic and very Roman priest. Fresh the hippocampus of raconteur Charles Theodore Murr, comes this (mostly humorous) selection of short stories. Set in New York, Rome, Guadalajara, even La Tuna Agria, these tales are meant to provoke some thought and reflection but, more than anything else, smiles. Welcome to the unusual world of Charles Theodore Murr; profession: Father.

Lo Esencial (Spanish Edition)

Lo ESCENCIAL es, según Don Carlos Murr-Letourneau, lo esencial de la fe Cristiana. Es la concentración de la enseñanzas de la verdadera fe Católica, por supuesto, no en su totalidad (esto requeriría una enciclopedia entera), pero lo básico que se necesita para poderse llamar Católico.

The Godmother: Madre Pascalina, A femenine Tour de Force

Few women in the 20th century wielded more power and influence than did Josefine Lehnert (1894-1983). No woman, in twenty centuries, ever wielded more power and influence in the Vatican.When Josefine Lehnert entered Holy Cross Convent [Menzinger, Switzerland] she was given the name “Pascalina.” In 1917, the beautiful young nun from Bavaria and two other Sisters were sent to Munich to organize and maintain the nunciature. The Holy See’s newly appointed Nuncio to Bavaria was 41-year-old Eugenio Pacelli. For the rest his diplomatic career, Schwester Pascalina would remain his personal secretary, housekeeper and ne plus ultra confidante. 

The Syrian and The Priceless Ransom

Beirut: 1983. The Archbishop of Tyre, Joseph Khouri, has just been kidnapped; his driver, shot and left for dead. Most lines of communications in war-torn Lebanon are down. Still, news of the murder and abduction reaches the Vatican in less than two hours. The ransom demanded is sizeable; the time limit, three days.

The Society of Judas

The Society of Judas (a novel by author Charles Theodore Murr) takes up the question of betrayal’s psychological effect not on the betrayer but on the betrayed. What is it like for a fundamentally good man to be betrayed by someone he trusts implicitly? Worse, by a group of his former friends working together, each for his/her own selfish ends? “God help you when a friend sets out to betray you,” a mentor tells Charlie Maurer at the beginning of The Society of Judas, “Your enemies can’t betray you, Charlie, only a friend can betray – but when friends collaborate for a betrayal…who could emerge victorious against…a whole society of Judas’?” Set in the Italian capital, central Mexico and New York, New York, during the 1970’s and 80’s, there is much to the byzantine plot of this book.

Y Era de Noche (Spanish Edition)

“Una evocación de El Poder y la Gloria con personajes excéntricos, con giros fenomenales en la trama como los de La Confederación de Chiflados…La historia de un sacerdote americano, con educación romana que dejó su vida en México… Trata sobre los cuestionamientos psicológicos de los efectos de la traición—no del traidor sino de quien es traicionado.”


Ed Era Notte (Italian Edition)

Ed Era Notte (titolo originale The Society of Judas), romanzo di Charles Theodore Murr, affronta il problema dell’effetto psicologico del tradimento, non sul traditore, ma sul tradito. Che cosa prova un uomo, fondamentalmente buono, quando viene tradito da qualcuno nel quale ripone completa fiducia? 

An Optical Conclusion: Rafael Caro Quintero and the Macabre Death of Doctor Jorge Mejía

Tijuana, Baja California: 2008

Two young strangers, Brett Carpenter and Guadalajara lawyer Evangelina “Eva” Marquez connect through a revolutionary social media platform. Each has been deeply affected by disturbing events regarding the Sinaloa/Guadalajara Cartel – narco-thugs who, up to this point, control the Mexican government. 


Perhaps Love: Dyadic Interpersonalism

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Perhaps Love

Three (Somewhat Long) Short Stories

For 30 pieces of silver, a sociopath medic enlists in a death-defying game of espionage with the most dangerous Drug Lord in Latin America; a "pious teacher" plays all sides against each other and (so she believes) emerges victorious; an aged Tarascan Indian, now "reformed," reverts to her old games but with a newer and very much younger set of first-time players.

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