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An Optical Conclusion

Rafael Caro Quintero and The Macabre  Death of Doctor Jorje Mejía


Tijuana, Baja California: 2008

Two young strangers, Brett Carpenter and Guadalajara lawyer Evangelina “Eva” Marquez connect through a revolutionary social media platform. Each has been deeply affected by disturbing events regarding the Sinaloa/Guadalajara Cartel – narco-thugs who, up to this point, control the Mexican government.

A year earlier, in Tijuana, the butchered body of the Cartel’s personal physician has been discovered in an abandoned oil drum.

The former narco-kingpin, Rafael Caro Quintero, has escaped from Puente Grande Prison.

When Eva comes across information concerning the gruesome murder of one Doctor Jorge Mejia, she also discovers some key, heretofore classified information. She and Brett follow a series of clues that leads them to an octopus with tentacles in international agencies and governments, high-tech giants, the press and media, even the Catholic Church.

Better that certain questions remain unasked; that certain things buried not be unearthed.

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