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Entrevistas y más

con el padre Charles Murr

Ask A Priest Live with Fr. Charles Murr - 4/16/24

Ask A Priest Live with Fr. Charles Murr - 4/16/24

We're live now with special guest Fr. Charles Murr and we're taking your questions! To get your question in for Father Murr, call 1-877-511-5483 or email us at Visit the show page at to listen live, check out the weekly lineup, listen to podcasts of past episodes, watch live video, find show resources, and sign up for our mailing list of upcoming shows! Timecodes 0:00 - Intro 1:37 - Introducing Fr. Murr. 6:15 - I am a carpenter and I have been asked to work on a project in someone's home that involves building a Muslim prayer room. I don't think there are any issues with building this, but I wanted to make sure before I commit to this project. 7:35 - I was recently at Mass and one of the prayers of the faithful said, "We pray for our Muslim brothers and sisters as they prepare to celebrate Ramadan." It seemed like it was inappropriate. Should I contact the priest about it? 14:59 - What constitutes "breaking the seal of the Confessional" and how serious of an offense is such a thing? 31:38 - What can one do if they've stopped feeling guilty after a habitual sin? How should they proceed? 35:08 - Will Father Murr be releasing another book? 39:31 - How to reconcile the concept of making a plan for your life and surrendering to God’s will? 47:57 - A fellow parishioner of mine brings the Eucharist home to his wife each weekend after Mass. However, he does so by simply placing the Host in his pocket. How is such a thing permissible? Should I speak to someone about this? 51:59 - How can Catholics grow in humility in this modern era when so many are fixated on pushing and promoting podcasts, films, books, etc. in an attempt to gain fame and notoriety?
Vatican Mystery: Did Freemasons Murder Pope John Paul I? Fr. Charles Murr with Dr. Taylor Marshall

Vatican Mystery: Did Freemasons Murder Pope John Paul I? Fr. Charles Murr with Dr. Taylor Marshall

Was Pope John Paul I murdered? Was the Catholic liturgy sabotaged to strip it of truth, power and beauty? Was an international plot underfoot to destroy the Vatican’s financial stability? If so, by whom, and to what end? Author and priest Father Charles Murr (author of Murder in the 33rd Degree) shares his insider experience in the workings of the Vatican and discusses the reality of “Infiltration” with Dr. Taylor Marshall. Get Fr Murr’s book: Get the 2024 Traditional Catholic Wall Calendar here: Get Dr. Taylor Marshall's new book on St Nicholas here: Subscribe to this channel for future updates on this topic: Get a FREE signed copy of the book Rosary in 50 Pages (AND a free Rosary) mailed to you while the offer lasts: Dr Taylor Marshall's newest book: Antichrist and Apocalypse is on amazon ( or get an autographed copy at Dr Marshall's previous book: Infiltration - The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within: Will you please help me in 3 ways? 🙏🙏🙏 ✅ 1) Please click Thumbs-Up Like Button 👍🏻 if you like it. ✅ 2) Please SHARE 📲 this video on 📘 FACEBOOK/Twitter using the "Share" Button next to Like Button. ✅ 3) Please SUBSCRIBE (and click bell 🔔) to my 📺 CHANNEL: 🏠 Real Estate for Life: (and select "Dr. Taylor Marshall Show") Follow Dr Taylor Marshall on Social Media: 📺 Taylor's YouTube: 📘 Taylors Facebook: 🐦 Taylor's Twitter: Take Dr. Marshall’s online Catholic courses by signing up as a student at Thank you! Please LIKE 👍 and SUBSCRIBE 🔔

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