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The Godmother

At long last, THE GODMOTHER: Madre Pascalina, A Feminine Tour de Force, is here! 

This remarkable book highlights some of the most important people and events of the twentieth century - people and events that have shaped many of today’s realities, both secular and religious.

THE GODMOTHER is told through the lens of a deep spiritual friendship between a young American student “growing up” in Rome and a much wiser, much more “grown up” Bavarian woman, known in certain Roman circles as La Popessa, the most powerful woman ever to have wielded authority in the Vatican. All 34 chapters are engaging, informative, instructive and (hopefully) often humorous. 

This book is the perfect read for anyone interested Vatican diplomacy and intrigues, the papacy and World War II. Above all else, THE GODMOTHER is ideal for those of us interested in the mysteries of ordinary and extraordinary friendship.



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