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Sol y Luna Publications, CA

Art Director

• 10+ years of experience in Graphic Design, Motion Graphic, Video Editing and Compositing.

Adobe Photoshop, After Effects , Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Audition, Pro Tools, Cinema 4D , Cakewalk Sonar Producer, Microsoft Office, Post Production, Video Editing, Audio Editing, Sound Design, Composition, Nuke

Final Cut Pro, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Muse

15+ years of experience in graphic design, illustration, and typography

Proficient in photo editing, lighting, retouching, and compositing

  Advanced use of After Effects including motion graphics and special effects

  Experience in video recording, production, and editing

Extensive knowledge and expertise in audio recording, processing and mixing

  Keen eye for details, excellent organization, communication, and people skills

  Ability to work well with minimal supervision or as a team player

• Bachelor's in Sound Engineering, Expression College for Digital Arts - Emeryville, CA

• Bachelor's in Business and Economics, Escuela Superior de Economia y Negocios, San Salvador

Ignatius Press, San Francisco, CA

Marketing Coordinator, Graphic Designer and Video Editor

Tre Fratelli International, Piccolo

Art Director

• Banner, email and social media ad campaigns and designs, book trailers (script, storyboard, animation, music composition, video editing), video commercials (video and sound editing), landing pages, flyers, ads, posters and book & DVD covers.

• Brought 1.5+ million new viewers into You Tube Channel and increased the number of subscribers up to 200%

• Implemented 100+ successful Banner ad campaigns on books, films and other

• Designed 20 book covers, including DVD covers and other marketing material

• Created and produced thirty-five book trailers and five film trailers. Including concept, script, ingesting, animation, audio and video editing.

• Created an animated Film Logo for Ignatius Press including music composition.

• Filmed, edited, and produced a 90 session online course, from pre-production to post-production, working on all necessary lighting, audio and video.

• Increased sales up to 15% through customer-driven design, branding and marketing

• menu engineering, marketing campaigns, posters, flyers, banner ads and logos

• Coordinated sales and graphical media for award-winning Central American

• Destination tourist guide, covering Belize through Panama.

• Editorial design, media kit design, icons, banner ads, posters and flyers.

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